July 2024 Update

July 2024 Update has landed! Bringing brand new items to level up your combat, and new tech and changes to take the grind out of the early and late game.


  • Added Metal and Carbon Fabricators that consume aura and power to generate the resource.
  • Added T3 wind turbine.
  • Added Mini Turret for additional support during firefight.
  • Added barricade deployable item.
  • Added healing beacon deployable item.
  • Added highlight to dropped items.
  • New landscape and monuments moved further apart.
  • PvP kill events are pushed as global notifications and temporary map markers.


  • Dedicated server package – host your own private servers!
  • Added private server password support.
  • Advanced server customization is possible via configuration files.
  • Documentation for server hosting available online.


  • Increased the defence of T3 Aura base walls.
  • Reduced the cost of T3 Aura base walls and upkeep.
  • Reduced aura drop from meteor event.
  • Increased BC build block radius from 30 to 50m.
  • Compound walls and gates can now be placed much further from buildings.
  • Advanced weapon mods no longer craftable and must be found.
  • Reworked the barrels and drops for lockers and barrels.
  • Barrels auto-loot with most weapons.
  • Increased Uplink stash slots to 24.
  • Player network range increased from 300m to 500m.
  • Reworked weapon accuracy so firing from the hip is not so penalized now.
  • Arc Furnace in the Refinery and Space Station now smelts at 10x speed, 2x yield, and only one person can interact at a time.


  • Landscape deployables are now placeable on rocks etc, too.
  • Building Privilege UI icon now shows protection time remaining.
  • Increased size of airdrop and is much more visible now.
  • Added nearby map icons to the compass widget.
  • Reworked map icons and emphasized they can be named.
  • Simplified tutorial to improve situations where players would get stuck.
  • Reworked weapon attentuation so distant gunfire can be heard much further away, and easier to guage distance.
  • Added fire and acid biome ambience sounds.


  • Terraformer landscape holes fixed.
  • Fixed sticky bombs not flashing.
  • Fixed a bug causing no lootdrops/meteors after savegame invalidation.
  • Fixed exploit accessing terraformer black room from underneath.
  • Improved excessive rubberbanding on connections with consistent packetloss.
  • Fixed a bug where monsters would not be affected by splash damage.
  • Fix the issue where items could easily fall behind the warehouse desks, and improved the ability to pick them up.
  • Improved the flashlight clipping through some suits.
  • Fixed damage on metal bolts and rockets.
  • Added shadow casting to base lights to stop leaking.