Space Station Update

Welcome, players, to the new Outerstellar patch. All progress has been reset and we are thrilled to introduce the new Space Station and a new map to the game! The Space Station serves as the main hub of the server and lets you spawn inside it when you join for the first time or when you die on the planet. You can meet other colonizers, equip items from the Uplink Storage, and drop down into the world or use the teleporters to spawn in your base. Stay tuned for future Space Station modules that are already in the works. We are eager to see how this change affects the gameplay.


  1. The planet has shifted once again. Brace yourselves for a new map that contains all the same elements but arranged in a new interesting way.


  1. Added new consumable items that allow you to temporarily increase your protection stats, great for looting in dangerous areas.
  2. Added new ‘Space Station Uplink’ deployable that allows you to send items to the Space Station.
  3. Several seasonal Christmas-related changes. Can you find them all?


  1. Increased health for solar, wind, and chest deployables. They should be much harder to destroy with melee weapons now.
  2. Fences and Gates are now slightly larger.
  3. Compound Walls T2 now have twice the health of T1.
  4. Changed crafting recipe of Compound Walls T2.
  5. Changed the colors of windows and shutters to better match their respective building part tier colors.
  6. Renamed Respawn Pad to Teleport Pad.
  7. Made some changes to make deployable placement easier, more improvements are coming soon.


  1. Removed an epic chest from the top of the landing pad monument.
  2. Fixed several see-through meshes in the landing pad monument.
  3. Deployables in the monuments should not run out of energy as quickly as before.
  4. Deployables in monuments now show their names when looked at.


  1. Several changes to defense, attack and ammo cost values makes raiding more difficult.
  2. Building Parts are now slightly larger. This should allow for more space to place deployables.
  3. Compound Gates/Walls must be placed near existing buildings now.


  1. Added stars to the skybox on the planet that appear depending on the time of day.


  1. Increased damage of picks. Slow animation would give them low DPS.
  2. Reduced damage of Strange Sword from 50 to 45.
  3. Flamethrower now does only fire damage.


  1. Renamed Aura Berry to Aura Funghi.
  2. Aura Berry and Aura Funghi now stack up to 100.
  3. Adjusted the time it takes to craft an Aura Core.


  1. Combined defense protection/absorb stat into one value.
  2. Updated the grid line texture on the map window.


  1. A major pass on every sound in the game has been completed. Instead of everything being loud, you should now be able to hear a mix of quiet and loud sounds.
  2. Doubled the range of footstep sounds.
  3. Adjusted explosion attenuation to sound more natural and not travel as far (approx half the map now).


  1. Fixed a bug where Aura would sometimes spawn inside objects in the world.
  2. Fixed a bug where some suits did not display as expected in the suit storage.
  3. Fixed a bug where not all ceilings had the same thickness, resulting in some deployables not being able to be placed inside bases.
  4. Fixed a bug where the recycler would sometimes not return any items even if there was a 100% recycle chance.
  5. Fixed a bug that allowed naughty thieves to “climb up” doors by jumping onto locks.
  6. Fixed a bug in the documentation where the melee attack rate was not accounting for combo/transition times.
  7. Fixed a bug where picking up a deployable would sometimes not work even if there was enough space in the player’s inventory.
  8. Fixed a bug where muzzle flash of various guns was in the center of the gun.
  9. Fixed a bug where it was possible to shoot in any direction while free look was enabled.
  10. Fixed a bug where sometimes firing rocket straight after reloading could result in a dud.