Patch Notes for Hotfix CL23966

HUGE thanks to our community who reported a range of issues with the recent update, that we’ve worked hard to fix! Including Xercodo, Rocknrolla86, Trappy, RevolutionX, LAG, Mertve40k, Hop, Luna, Schmoobler, Max, and many more; please keep the reports coming!

Bug fixes

  • Disabled turrets firing at AI as they can’t damage them right now
  • Duplicated+moved teleporter signs to be more obvious
  • Increased depth that foundations can be placed underwater
  • Turrets always target bones on players now which means they also shoot correctly when downed
  • Added or enlarged no build zones to various monuments (Quad ports, Exhaust_tall, Satellite, Silo, Refinery entrance, Warehouse)
  • Fixed issues when interacting with chests in shelving units
  • Modified staircase collision which should fix rare falling through bug
  • Fixed the very nasty bug where a full inventory would cause loss of all crafting in-progress
  • Fixed a rare client crash involving items and inventory
  • Temporary fix for some holes in Terraformer landscape
  • Fixed turret firing sound getting stuck on and not attenuating
  • Fixed some storm noises not affected by volume slider
  • Added missing no build zones to various monuments
  • Ranged weapons with scopes now show hit markers

Balance changes

  • Plasma turret clip from 120 to 40
  • Reduced HP of turrets from 1000 to 500
  • Added black decoder to warehouse
  • Fixed recipe for Adv. Protection Core
  • Fixed plasma sniper accidentally doing double damage and reduced base damage of both snipers
  • Significant reduction on med crafting costs
  • Lowered T1 shotgun damage
  • Increased meteor health
  • Removed broken spawners in Refinery black room
  • Buildings can now be placed deeper under water