Live NOW: Outerstellar’s Rebirth!

Greetings, Colonisers!

We’re beyond excited to announce the highly anticipated first full public rollout update for Outerstellar, now live on Steam! This monumental update includes a complete progress reset and introduces several thrilling new features to elevate your sci-fi survival experience!

What You Can Expect from this Update…

Explore the New Map

Alongside our other awesome gameplay and game feature additions – more on those in a moment – we’re thrilled to unveil a brand-new map, adding fresh environments and challenges to explore. This new terrain is rich with opportunities for discovery and adventure, pushing the boundaries of survival abilities…

New Features and Enhancements:

– Fire, Acid, and Ocean Biomes: Discover and survive in diverse and hazardous environments.

– Iron Sights, Scope, and Weapons Attachments: Enhance your combat effectiveness with improved aiming and customisation.

– New Monuments: Explore massive new structures filled with secrets and resources.

– New AI Alien Life: Encounter unique and challenging alien species that enrich the game world.

– Energy and Ballistic Turrets: Defend your bases with advanced automated weaponry.

– Air Drop Event: Participate in dynamic air drops to secure valuable supplies.

– Meteor Event: Experience the thrill of meteor showers impacting the landscape.

– Mushrooms and Berries Spawn at Night: Gather new resources that appear exclusively under the cover of darkness.

– More Progression and Research Options: Delve deeper into the tech tree with expanded research possibilities.

– 8 New Weapons with Animations: Arm yourself with an arsenal of newly designed weapons, complete with unique animations and sound effects.

– Much More!: Countless additional improvements and surprises await you!

And That’s Not All!

To celebrate this milestone, Outerstellar will be discounted – an out of this world 50% off – for this weekend and into the Steam Open World Survival Craft Fest, so if you wanted to bring a friend (or 3!) along for the adventure, now is the PERFECT time to bring them on board!

Whether you’re tackling Outerstellar’s hostile landscape alone or with friends, our Discord is the best place to meet other players, plan your next raid 😏 and get some vital tips and tricks from other players and the developers alike. Why not join us?!

We can’t wait to see how these exciting changes transform your gameplay. Join us in Outerstellar today and be part of this new era of exploration and colonisation!

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to explore Early Access and the mysteries of Outerstellar….