Patch Notes CL21516

A new Outerstellar patch is available. All progress has been reset and we have some new features and bug fixes for you.
We are working hard on some major features that many of you have requested. We are not ready to share much yet, but stay tuned for some updates from us on what will be coming to the game soon.


  1. Added the Chatter-Box deployable. This allows you to chat with other players on the server, and streams kill events. It keeps all messages that were sent while you are connected to the server. You can either craft it and deploy it to your base or use one of the terminals in the Space Station.
  2. Added a new interactive Tutorial that will walk new players through the basics of the game. It guides you through building and securing your first base up to upgrading it with metal. Experienced players can turn this off in the options menu.
  3. Shutters are now interactable and can be opened and closed. This should make them quite useful to attack from when your base is under attack. Don’t forget to lock them!
  4. The Bar Area Space Station but no interactive elements yet.


  1. Base windows have had their HP and Defense upgraded to equivalent to T1 buildings.
  2. Placing a Building Controller now authorizes the placing player immediately, no need to interact with it after placing.
  3. Aura Fuel item has been added.
  4. Flamethrower is now loaded with Aura Fuel and does increased fire damage, more quickly.
  5. 50% chance that common crates will drop between 1-2 Aura Fuel.
  6. Sniper, Automatic Rifle and Rocket Launcher now require Aura Rifle Chassis that are extremely rare.
  7. All suits except black and white eso have increased 10% physical protection.
  8. Icon and Mesh for CrudeAuraBomb and Aura bomb has been swapped.
  9. Acid, Fire and Rad buffs increased protection from 30% to 50% for 30 seconds.


  1. Made some minor changes to increase UI visibility in dark environments.
  2. Hovering the item image in the Crafting Window now displays maximum Durability / Ammo.


  1. Fixed a bug where it was possible for shutters to be placed inside walls with windows.
  2. Fixed a minor issue where the item name was overflowing inside the Crafting Window.
  3. Fixed a bug where some keypad locations were inside the door.
  4. Fixed a bug where it was possible to uplink the Mass Aura Bomb.