Build CL20657


  1. Hall of fame screen updated.
  2. Lowered fog intensity.
  3. “Components” changed to “Bits”.
  4. Fixed some rocks not aligned to landscape.
  5. Several crash fixes.


  1. Aura bomb damage radius changed to 2000 from 8000.
  2. Aura jellyfish is bigger, spawns 1 at a time, every 45 mins and contains 5000 aura.
  3. Aura is now only harvested from natural sources (Ore, Plants, Squids).
  4. Aura sap created.
  5. Aura sap is found by recycling mushrooms and berries.
  6. Aura sap smelts into crude Aura in a furnace.
  7. Aura Centrifuge deployable added. Inputs x1 Aura Sap and outputs x2 Pure Aura.
  8. Crude aura removed from all loot chests (except the locked Aura crate).
  9. Crude Aura is now 80% chance for base recycler.


  1. Strange Sword building damage reduced (to stop sword raiding).
  2. Bullets now craft really quickly and is less annoying.
  3. Physical damage on both picks increased.
  4. Suit environmental and physical protection % have been halved. Black Exo suit is now 35% instead of 70%.
  5. Adjusted volume of player hit, death and damage sound FX.
  6. Explosion sound adjusted to account better for distance and direction.
  7. Fall damage sound and attenuation changed.
  8. Water damage reduced from 80 to 20.


  1. Carbon and metal nodes now give 500 each time (previously 450 to 550).
  2. Improved line of sight checks for chests.
  3. All drop containers now live for 2 hours, and fixed collision issue when spawning.
  4. World Furnace at refinery yields double that of a normal furnace.
  5. Recycler moved outside at hydro so you can use without acid protection.


  1. Compound walls and gates are now visible 500m away, same as buildings.
  2. Reduced building upkeep damage so it’s x2 as long to decay.
  3. Building Controller starts at 0 and accrues Demolish charge 1 per hour to allow demolishing own buildings.
  4. Buildings can only be demolished up to 10 minutes after being placed.


The problem was that when raiders destroyed a BC, they could place their own and have access to the power grid and essentially free Demolish of the base. Easy way to crack chests, steal locked deployables, etc. The defender would log back in and there would literally be nothing left. Wiped off the map.

So now we added a restriction to Demolish. You can only demolish any part placed within 10 minutes. After that period you must either destroy it with weapons, or use a Building Controller ‘Demolish charge’.

When a new BC is placed it starts at 0 demo charge. Each hour this ticks up by 1, to a maximum of 100. If you are authorized with the BC you can use Demolish mode on the builder tool to demolish a building, consuming 1 charge.

This means that if you lock your BC, an attacker is forced to destroy it and place their own, but this starts from 0 charges so they can only demolish one part every hour. Giving the defender a chance to recover.


Always lock your BC!!!!