Outerstellar Early Access

We’re thrilled to announce that Outerstellar Early Access will officially launch Nov 16th.

About the game

Outerstellar, a gripping sci-fi survival PvP game that drops you onto a dangerous and mysterious planet. Explore the barren wasteland left behind by failed colonists and face the harsh reality of a world unfit for human life. Gather resources, build a shelter, and fight to survive each night in a game that challenges your every move. But survival is just the beginning, as the secrets of this strange planet await.


  • A detailed and beautiful persistent world with dynamic time of day and weather.
  • Comprehensive research tree and crafting system allows you to prioritise the technologies important to your team and gameplay style.
  • Harvest plants and ore, and scavenge for resources in the abandoned areas around the map. Find or unlock items allowing deeper access into these mysterious structures.
  • Build a base, upgrade it, power it and fill it with useful equipment to control the resources of that area.
  • Craft advanced weaponry to defend, or to raid other players.
  • Join an official server, or host your own and use the extensive server mod tools to customize the experience.